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Welcome to Spiritual Science School!

Spiritual Science School is a Divine organization, which aims to bring awareness to humanity about inner-self and Soul power within us, for our spiritual and material development, to bring out conscious state in mental thinking and to bring Divinity in all aspects of life and being.

The most important process is to understand and recognize our Soul purpose connecting our inner-self to the Soul, neutralizing our karma and carving our future with our own self awareness of conscious mental thinking.

However, realization of oneself is different from Soul realization. Here, we are able to accelerate progress of Soul, and healing through the Soul energy, through which the state of Alchemy and analysis of Higher Self is also programmed.

In the routine life, people are not even aware of their own Soul purpose. Instead they dwell in the mud of pain, worry, stress, sorrow and unhappiness. The ATTUNEMENTS given in the workshops are very special and it makes the Soul aware of their inner powers and utilize Soul power for Evolution and Creative transformation.





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